As a new member,
we want you to feel at home and find a community to share life with.

But in a church our size,
it can be hard to build meaningful connections
if you only attend Sunday morning services.

That's why we're committed to providing everyone,
from the youngest to the oldest,
an opportunity to be a part of a smaller group.

In this section,
you can learn more about what we offer to members in each life stage.

We hope you will take the next step and get connected!


We want every adult at Southeast to have opportunities for SPIRITUAL GROWTH. We value God's word, and we are committed to teaching it every week. Each Sunday morning, several Adult Bible classes meet to dig into SCRIPTURE. These classes are topic based, and you are welcome in any class that interests you. We also have Bible study opportunities on Wednesday nights for adults. For a truly life changing experience, we invite you to participate in one of our Holy Land tours. These tours occur every two years, and provide travelers with a deeper understanding of God's story and his people.

We believe that spiritual growth happens best in RELATIONSHIPS. That's why our Community Groups are the heart of our adult ministries. There are groups for every life stage and circumstance. For families with young children, these small groups meet on Sunday mornings at the Southeast building. For others, the groups meet on Sunday nights in homes. Each of these groups looks a little different, but they all have a common purpose: to help adults grow spiritually by connecting them relationally. In these groups, you can find support, FRIENDSHIP, and connection.


There are 936 WEEKS from the time your child is born until they graduate high school, and we want to help you make the most of every phase. To EQUIP you, we offer parenting classes on Wednesday nights, and an annual Parent Summit each summer. We know that you need SUPPORT, so we encourage parents to participate in our community group program on Sunday mornings during the school year. These groups are designed to connect you with other parents so you can learn and grow from each other. We also believe in celebrating MILESTONES together as a church family, so be on the lookout for baby blessings, birthday celebrations, and back to school Sundays, just to name a few !We offer several family events throughout the year to help you CONNECT to your kids relationally and spiritually. Whether it is our annual Welcome to Summer party, or our Family Fifth Sundays, you will have several opportunities to have fun with your kids and get to know other families. Each Spring, we have a weekend Family Camp (Camp UNITED) filled with family worship, games ,devotional activities, and plenty of time to just hang out together. We want to partner with you as you pass down your faith to your kids!


Our Women's Ministry 1s designed to provide CONNECTION for women in all generations and life stages. We want to LEARN from and SUPPORT each other, so you can participate in a class or group for women almost every day of the week! We offer women's classes on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, as well as a Tuesday morning class for older women and a Thursday morning study group for young moms. And if you are single, there is a community group just for you that meets during the week.

Our Women's Ministry also strives to create connections across GENERATIONS Whether you're a younger woman seeking guidance from those who have gone before you, or an older woman with wisdom to offer, Heartfelt Friends provides a welcoming community. Each Heartfelt group is made up of II Heart Moms" and II Heart Sisters II who gather monthly for a shared meal and Bible study in the comfort of someone's home. We also host several fun fellowship events throughout the year, designed to bring everyone closer together.


The goal of our Men’s Ministry is to foster stronger connections and FRIENDSHIPS among our men. We want to mentor and encourage each other and build INTERGENERATIONAL relationships .For men, finding time for friendships can be difficult with the demands of busywork schedules and family commitments, so our Brother’s Keeper groups are designed with those schedules in mind.
Twice each month, Brother’s Keeper groups of 4-6 men gather in coffee shops and homes across our area. They spend time in prayer, study, and conversation while they share a cup of coffee before work. We also offer several events each year for you to get to know other men. Whether it is a Men’s Breakfast, a golf tournament, or just watching the game together, there are plenty of ways for you to connect.


Fifth and Sixth graders are in that in-between phase. They are not quite kids any more, but not quite teens either. That's why we have a ministry just for them! Our Crossover Ministry is designed to give your tweens a sense of identity and belonging as they navigate this transition. On Sunday mornings at 9:45, our tween class has teachers who help them CONTEMPLATE their faith, and on Wednesday nights, we offer a tween boys small group and a tween girls small group. This time is focused on building relationships and discovering how their faith impacts their every day lives.

Building strong RELATIONSHIPS is critical in the life of a tween, and we want to provide your child with plenty of opportunities for that at Southeast. Throughout the year, our tweens are invited to Sunday Night Youth Worship once each month. This time is focused on food, fun, and FRIENDSHIP, and it allows our tweens to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. During the summer, we offer two camps especially for tweens. Our three day camp (Camp FIRE) is designed for our teen counselors to MENTOR our tween campers, and our weeklong camp (Camp BANDINA) is a highlight of our tween ministry!


Being a teenager today is a challenging job! We want to give your students the tools to navigate life so they can develop a faith that sticks in adulthood. We offer Sunday morning classes at 9:45 for  junior high and high school students that are focused on APPLYING their faith to their every day lives. Our Wednesday nights are all about RELATIONSHIPS .We offer boys' small groups and girls' small groups for each grade level with a consistent leader that stays with the group throughout their entire time in junior high and high school. The relationships formed in these groups are deep, spiritual, and life changing.

Throughout the year, we provide our teens with consistent opportunities to GROW relationally and spiritually. Each week, our Sunday Night Youth Worship provides a relaxed time to eat together and hang out. Our retreats and overnight events (Spring Retreat, Winter Retreat, Soul Link) are a great balance of worship, Bible Study, and relationship building. And in the summer, our week long camp (Camp Bandina) is a powerful week of growth for our teens. We also encourage our teens to SERVE others. During the summers, our teens serve as counselors at two kids' camps (CASE Camp and Camp FIRE), and they have a week long Mission Trip to Arms of Hope Children's Home


Whether you are in college, training for a career, or already in the work force, the years after high school are a time of huge TRANSITION and life change. It can be hard to find a place to belong in the church family, so we want you to know you are welcomed and VALUED at Southeast! On Sunday mornings, our Young adults come together at 9:45 to connect and spend time in the word. They are led by teachers who are passionate about helping young adults own their faith. On Wednesday nights, young adults are encouraged to participate in a community group with their peers that is focused on building RELATIONSHIPS and sharing life. Throughout the year, our young adults have informal, self-organized gatherings including dinners, weekday Bible studies, and game nights. During the summer, there are opportunities to SERVE and CONNECT in association with our Student Ministry. Each August, our young adults join with others across the area at a spiritually uplifting weekend retreat (ELEVATE U)


We want Sunday mornings to be the best part of your kid's week! Our Children's Ministry is filled with loving volunteers who can't wait to share Jesus with your child. Each week during the 9:45 hour, we offer classes for kids, from infants to elementary schoolers. During this time, your child will learn about God in creative and engaging ways that give them a faith FOUNDATION. In addition, we offer nursery care during both services for infants and toddlers. Our main worship services each week are designed to be INTERGENERATIONAL and we plan elements for preschool and elementary kids in every service. We can't wait to partner with you to point your kids toward Jesus!
But our Children's Ministry is so much more than Sunday Mornings! Throughout the year, we offer special events like Fall Festival, Christmas Musical and an Easter Picnic. And our summers are packed full of activities. We offer an art and science day camp (CASE Camp) for preschool and elementary, a 1-night minicamp (Camp Spark) for younger elementary, and two different overnight camps(Camp FIRE and Camp Bandina) for our older elementary kids. Not only are these activities FUN, but they are also designed to help your kids develop RELATIONSHIPS with other kids, teens, and adults as they learn about Jesus.

Everything Points to Him