We believe we are called to love as Christ loved, and we are only saved by His grace. We believe that as Christians, followers of Christ, we are called to be His ambassadors in this world. We are called to teach His good news, the Gospel, to every person who will hear. We do this by formal means (Bible study, sermons and conversation), but also by informal means (acts of service to others). You will find us to be a people who place a high emphasis on teaching and baptizing, but we also stay very active in ministries that lead others to the Gospel by serving and caring for them. We believe an effective way to spread the Gospel is to try diligently to be Christ-like. The way He lived is the perfect example for us to follow, and we believe we will win souls for Christ by not only teaching the things He taught but also by doing the things He did. EVERYTHING POINTS TO HIM.

Everything Points to Him